Backlinks: Top 4 Benefit Of Backlinks In Blog Posts

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Backlinks are also called ”incoming, external, or one-way links. They are referred from one website to another website or a page. Google and other search engines reflect backlinks as a ”vote” for a particular page or a website. The pages that have more significant backlinks will have a more excellent organic search engine ranking.


If we talk about the blog post’s backlink, we can see that a website link directs a blog post. It will be a ranking signal to show that this referral post has unique and trustworthy content. Now we will discuss here top 4 benefits of backlinks in the blog post;

Four benefits of backlinks in blog posts

1- Backlinks Increased Authority

backlinks increased authority

PA/DA is the chief authority defining factors to check total backlinks of your blog, guest posts, SEO ranking, views, and clicks. Hence, high DA/PA is the crucial factor to present the trustworthiness of your website.

Increasing your blog’s authority will help you create an effective relationship with our clients or visitors. People will come to your website to read out the content. Increase authority also supports to rank the page, quick indexing, and get referral traffic and sales.

2- Effective Google Crawling

Effective Google Crawling

Google has bright and brainy spiders to crawl your website all time. As they are automatic bots, they are unfamiliar either you are a great blogger or a content writer. It is up to you how to direct these automatic bots to their way, which is possible through the backlinking. The backlink will create a map for them to follow and read your content. When you notice that these spiders are on your one article, you can link it to others on your blog. In this way, they will be on all your posts.

3- Backlinks Gain Traffic

Let’s consider this from an example; if you have recently published a blog post and daily 100 people visit it, you get 500 views. On the other hand, you also have another reputable blog post since 2012, attracting 6 million people. You can invite these 6 million users to your new blog post through backlinking.

4- Promotion

backlink gives promotion

You can link your blog post to your social media advertisement. Social media also plays a vital role in attracting new and more clients. Moreover, if people will like your post, they will share or recommend it to others. Hence, you will see a chain directed to your website. You can also target a website that has a strong social media relationship. It is one of the fast backlinks to get more traffic.


Backlinking plays an essential role in the SEO ranking of a blog or a website. They drive referral traffic, support to develop your reliability, create authority, develop a strong relationship and promote your motive or brand. However, there are several other benefits of backlinks, but the top four are given above. They will directly show you the results and automatic improvements in google analytics. 

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