How To Earn Money By Blogging In 2021? A Step By Step Guide

How To Earn Money By Blogging In 2021? A Step By Step Guide


The word ‘blog’ is a short form of ‘weblog.’ It is an online magazine or an informational website where someone can share his ideas, thinking, and interests. A blog shows the data opposite the sequential arrangement, such as the new posts will appear at first. The person who runs a blog is known as a blogger. As an information exchange platform, blogging also proves a source to earn money. The recent Glassdoor report stated that a blogger could earn $19K-$79K yearly through blogging. You can also be a blogger in 2021 and make a handsome amount as others are. See here, how;

Four steps to earn money by blogging

1- Select your niche

First of all, you have to select your niche or a category about which you want to create a blog. This step mostly depends on the interest or taste of the blogger. You may be interested in fashion, writing, food, or something else. After finalizing your category, you have to see the trend of your category. It is either well-known or popular because people will come to visit the trending topics if people are searching about it, which of the topic of your category appears in most searches.

2- Choose your blogging platform

As a new blogger, you can choose these platform to start your website for free;


Both these platforms are at the top to create a free website or blog and earn money. You are recommended to start your blog with a self-hosted setup. This setup is also called Content Management Systems or CMS. For that purpose, is the best one. It will also allow the users to run their blog along with their domain and web hosting. The users just have to purchase the hosting and domain. 

3- Purchase domain name and Web Hosting

Bluehost is the best web hosting platform to sell the domain name and hosting. The yearly plans of this Web Hosting Company are cheap for beginners as well as for experts. While paying a few dollars, you will be able to run your blog with a unique and famous domain name and web hosting.

  • Domain name: The domain name is the unique address of your online blog. It will let people find you through your unique name. They just have to enter your domain name in Google or Bing, such as .org, .com, .gov, or .edu, etc. 
  • Web hosting: Web hosting is the house of your blog. We can say that the domain name is the address of your house and web hosting is the actual home. 

4- Create a blog on WordPress

After purchasing the domain name and Web Hosting, the final step is to install the theme on

  • You can download it from this given link
  • Now upload the WordPress to your hosting account. 
  • After installation, create your blog and hit the button ‘Launch my site.’
  • You can also select the appropriate theme and plugins to make your blog look as you like. 
  • Finally, your blog is live.
  • Upload daily, unique content on your WordPress website. As visitors start coming to your WordPress website, you will earn money.  


From the details above, we came to know that blogging is a great source of income. It is cheap, and the easiest start to earn money online. Moreover, you can also advertise your blog on social media to get more traffic. In this way, people will come to visit your blog and get the required information. While noticing the visitors, Google will rank your blog higher in search results. Soon you will also be known as a great blogger in 2021.

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