Blog posts that inspire
your online audience.

Many business websites fail to keep their online customers inspired and engaged.

At Articlegod, we create blog posts that excites your audience and stimulates interaction.

So you can focus on converting them.

Save time by
delegating your blog.

Show professional

Drive organic traffic
to your website.

Outsourcing my blog. Why is it for me?

In these uncertain times, companies need to interact with the public to stand out from the clutter. Blog posts on your website help you interact with your customers where they spend most of their time. Online! This way, you can show professional competence, identify yourself as an authority in your industry and give your audience something interesting to read.

Establish & develop relationships with new and existing customers

Identify your business as an industry leader​

Create opportunities for social sharing​

Exceptional Boost To Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Drive organic traffic to your website​

Connect people to your brand

Why Articlegod?

We understand that keeping your website relevant and growing is a time-consuming job for business owners who run the daily operations. For this reason, Articlegod wants to help you by delivering blog posts that your clients love reading. As a result, you manage to create a connection with your visitors and establish your business as the industry leader. You will also see an increase in organic traffic to your website since written content is the #1 determining factor for SEO.

Low cost, user-friendly, and customizable service

1) Low cost.
2) user-friendly.
3)customizable service.

How does it work?

Growing your business website has never been easier. Follow these 3 steps and start publishing online content today!

Step 1

Choose a plan, specify the details and click 

Step 2

Wait for your article to be finished


Step 3

Publish the article on your website


Our Promise to You

For every blog post that we write, we focus on maximizing the benefits that a single blog post can have on your website. This includes connecting with your audience, establishing your business as an industry leader, and maximizing all the SEO aspects of written posts. Although, if our work doesn’t seem to get it going for your website, or it doesn’t meet your expectations, we will refund you and you still get to keep the article. So you always win!

Should I buy an article for my website?

Should I buy an article for my website?


Your business will benefit from more online visitors coming to your website.


Someone can publish consistently on your website. E.g. once per week, once per month, once per 2 months…

Marketing budget

Understand the benefits of online marketing and are willing to spend a part of your profit on it. Tip: Always start small to see what works for you.


You know how to convert online visitors. Your website is equipped to make online sales or has a contact form so visitors can schedule an appointment



Publishing valuable content is a great way to keep people engaged on your website. Search engines like Google evaluate a website by the number of visitors and how much time they spend on a website. The better your website scores, the higher your website will rank in search results and the more new visitors your website will attract. 

People visiting your website are interested in your business in one way or another. They might be hot prospects, or just potential clients comparing their options online. Your blog page can answer their questions or overcome objections, that these visitors were otherwise never able to raise. A blog is also the place where you gain credit by showing professional competence. We bet your competitors are not making use of this opportunity.

Super easy! Go to the ‘purchase-page’ and select the type of expertise & word count that fits your needs. You can also write some extra information about the topic you want us to write about, or things that we must include in your blog post. Don’t have much time for that? Just leave the text box blank and we will come up with a topic ourselves.

Articlegod wants to make blogging available for all businesses and their respective budgets.

‘Standard’ comes with 1 focus word to start boosting your SEO-ranking on a small but effective scale.

‘Premium’ is a more general option. This will provide more valuable information for your readers and will therefor have a stronger impact on your website’s success.

‘Expert’ is available for everybody who only wants the absolute best and the fastest results. This option is also recommended for businesses that require a more custom approach. Like law-related companies or the financial sector.

You get this, plus the confidence you’re getting value for money when you purchase PREMIUM today!

Your PREMIUM blog article includes:

  • In-depth research of your industry and topic.
  • SEO-optimized article structure (H1, H2, P…))
  • 3 focus words to score in search results
  • Don’t like a specific part? You get 3 revisions for free!
  • BONUS: A list of must-have plugins to boost your WordPress blog FOR FREE!

Get your article today!

Don’t let your website be one of many that gets lost in the clutter. 

By filling out the contact form, you can expect us to take a look at your business and sending you an e-mail if we believe you’ll benefit from our blog posts. You can also contact us if you don’t yet have a blog and want us to help you setting it up.

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