What Is A Blog Category, And What Are The Benefits Of Blog Categories? 

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The category of a blog is a subject you talk about on your blog. We can say that it is a list of the content of your whole blog. The category of a blog must be expressive and contain numerous words. Blog categories support you to organize your blog. It also supports the readers to search exactly what they need. You may have written thousands of topics on your blog, but it is the categories that help visitors sort out what they need. Blog categories make it easy for people to get an idea of what you have posted on your blog. They can simply navigate the information that is relevant to them. Hence, blog categories give your website structure while organizing different posts and sub-posts under numerous main subjects. 

blog categories

Importance of Blog categories

Each blogger gives extra effort to his blog posts and will never like to disappear into the black part of his archives. If you will not define your categories, it will be like the content to disappear from the view, and can just be viewed if someone will scroll it by the end. But you can prevent this while defining your blog categories.

  • Give easy site navigation

The visitors and readers always prefer a visually appealing website or blog. 95% of visitors left boring structured websites. At the same time, blog categories assemble data under the same content topics. In this way, readers quickly click on the desired information or topic. However, some websites have a restricted number of categories-so you should be aware of your categories before you assemble your data. 

  • Increase SEO ranking

Blog categories add hierarchy to your website pages. This factor plays an important role in your blog SEO. Moreover, it also supports search engines to know what you have written for each page and rank them accordingly. For example, once you created a page, and are continuously publishing the posts for that according to the category, it will be quickly optimized. The search engine will notice it and boost up your page ranking. Visitors will easily see your website or blog. 

  •  Blog categories simplify blog content strategies

To plan an editorial calendar is no easy task. However, well-descriptive categories will guide you on what to write about on your blog. Your plan can trace on each category to prevent you from sacking one with the information. Hence, you are safe to cluster your all content on one page or in one category. 65% of successful bloggers mentioned that they have a well-planned content marketing strategy.


If someone is a WordPress blog user, he must set up his blog categories. If you did not set up them already, log in to your blog and set them instantly. You can also assign your previously written posts to new categories. After doing this, you will build up a category page. Write something on these pages to show your writing and how it will be beneficial for the readers. Now the visitors feel happy and easy to sort out their relevant information. 

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